Welcome to Brogaarden – supplier of diets, bedding and enrichment for the lab animal science community for more than 40 years.



Brogaarden stocks a large number of articles dedicated to laboratory animal science facilities. In this world, the needs of tomorrow are unknown per definition and we work from the principle of “what we do not have, we will find”. Our staff understand the nature of the work in research animal facilities, from the quality specification to the logistics that makes it all work. We thrive when we are challenged and put pride in overcoming it, to help you get to your finish line.intro To ensure the best service and product selection, we work together with a number of international partners such as:  

Altromin GmBH.

Standard and custom diets for rodents and pigs with modern in-house
manufacturing and all-new production plant opened in 2011 in Lage, Germany. Trusted and used by researchers for more than 40 years, Altromin is true to the high standards ensured by several quality certifications, e.g. ISO9001 and GMP+. 

See more info about Altromin


Research Diets Inc.

World leader in the development of purified diets
A number of diets are always on stock for fast delivery in the EU, and our
customer service specialist for Research Diets, DVM Mette Johansen, is always ready to help you, and if needed, put you in contact the Research Diets team of researchers in the USA. 

Read more about Research Diets European services


LBS Biotech Ltd.

Our partner in enrichment for over 30 years; the list of possibilities is endless, and we are fairly sure we can help you find a suitable solution for your enrichment needs, whether you are in search for nest materials, enrichment treats, hides or toys.

Go to the LBS website to see our catalogue



If you can imagine it in wood, Tapvei can make it. World class bedding from aspen wood, and a range of enrichments to complement it. I you are considering limiting the number of variables in the cage, perhaps choosing everything in only one material is your best option. We can even deliver all products from the same wood batch to reduce the risks from different material further.




Meet the team


Rolf Momberg:

Director of sales and co-owner of Brogaarden. Has worked in his present role since 2005 and has extensive knowledge of the general assortment and possibilities, though his colleagues are far nicer and way more competent. However, Rolf is available for emergency cases at +45 26 81 70 80 24/7 e.g. if for some reason feed ran out on a Friday and immediate rush to close the gap is needed.

Phone: +45 26 81 70 80 (can be used outside normal office hours in
case of emergency)


Ida Wang Henriksen:

Msc., animal science. Ida is your account manager who herself in the past worked as animal technician and thus very familiar with the many challenges in a LAS facility. Ida is quite capable in joggling all the considerations that need covering in the work with universities, pharma- and biotech companies as well as with our many suppliers. Her talent for co-ordination will come in handy, as she currently is on maternity leave, expecting twins in April 2022. She’ll be back though when she needs a break from her little devils


Alexandra von Münchow:

DVM and account manager for our research customers while Ida is on maternity leave. Available to assist with general orders, request for offers and technical solutions. Alexandra will be the one who visits you and handles the general contact. Alexandra knows quite a lot, but most importantly, knows those who knows the rest.

+45 39 65 18 80
Mobile: +45 28 95 79 17


Mette Johansen:

DVM and our European customer service specialist dedicated to Research Diets Inc. Mette handles all quotes and orders for researchers across Europe, who is in need of the high quality, and deeply specialized service and competence provided by our friends at Research Diets Inc. north of New York, USA. The diets are highly specialized and often quite difficult import due to regulatory challenges. Mette is quite the wizard who makes the impossible, possible. Research customers in more than 20 countries in Europe therefore trust her with their orders. She will gladly handle yours too and facilitate the contact to the scientific specialists in the US for their support.

+45 39 65 18 80
+45 28 95 79 29